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About us: our company profile, our history and the team

Company Profile

F&M commercializes several cultivation systems: glass bubble columns for inocula production, the Green Wall Panel (GWP®) series for research and large scale production, race-way ponds.
F&M’s deep knowledge along with proprietary photobioreactor technologies (GWP®) and a collection of over 1200 microalgal and cyanobacterial strains, makes it the ideal partner for starting applied research and commercial activity on microalgae.
F&M is partner of two Italian companies working in the field of algal biotechnology: Microalghe Camporosso S.r.l (Imperia), Italian leader of microalgae biomass production, and Giotto Biotech Srl (Florence) specialized in all technologies associated with nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), providing biomolecules, organic synthesis, metabolomics, NMR access, and information technologies products and services to academic and industrial research groups.
F&M participates with two departments of University of Florence (Dept. of chemistry and department of agri-food production and environmental sciences ) to the Centro di Competenza “VALORE – Gino Florenzano” for the valorisation of microalgal biomasses and residues.


F&M is well positioned to take advantage of the enormous potential of photosynthetic microorganisms as a result of the experience gained in over fifty years of studies conducted by the Florentine school of algologists born in 1956 from an intuition of Prof. Gino Florenzano

Di fronte ai problemi ecologici, alimentari ed energetici del nostro tempo, le interazioni tra fotosintesi microbica, salvaguardia dell’ambiente e produzione di alimenti assumono una fondamentale importanza teorica e pratica per i possibili contributi agli equilibri del sistema biosferico, divenuti fragili e delicati.
2.10.1977 - Gino Florenzano


Experimental area
F&M owns an experimental area of 3.000 m2 within the Polo Scientifico e Tecnologico of the University of Florence in Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze, Italy). The area is equipped with photobioreactors, pond units, centrifuges, wastewater treatment systems and all the ancillary equipment needed for outdoor algae cultivation.

F&M microbiological and chemical laboratories are hosted at the Department of Agri-Food and Environmental Sciences (DISPAA) and at VALORE – Centro di Competenza “Gino Florenzano”, next to the experimental area.
Construction of a proprietary 350 m2 laboratory will start in summer 2016 within the experimental area in Sesto Fiorentino.