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The GWP®-III is variable angle automated GWP® equipped with a pneumatic cylinder that allows tilting and adjustment of the reactor to optimize irradiance at the culture’s surface.
The containment structure is made of stainless steel and allows to maintain an average light path of the culture chamber of about 4 cm. It can be easily opened for quick replacement of the plastic culture chamber. The culture chamber is completely closed to prevent external contamination and to allow exhaust gas collection and recycling. The GWP®-III is equipped with sensors (pH, temperature, PAR light, D.O), gas and water flow-meters, pumps and tanks for continuous dilution, but batch cultivation is also possible. The GWP®-III is PLC controlled and a SCADA software is supplied for data storage, alarms and remote control. Distance between panels can be adjusted in order to simulate different full-scale configurations.

Number of panels 2 4
Total volume 80 L (2 x 40 L) 160 L (4 x 40 L)
Dimensions Length: 1.24 m - Height: 0.7 m - Average width: 4.5 cm
Reactor material
  • External frame: AISI 316 L
  • Culture chamber: LDPE film (275 μm); PAR transmittance > 90%
Power and electrical requirements 0.8 kW - 220 V - 50/60 Hz 2 kW - 220 V - 50/60 Hz
Ancillary equipment skid assembled (pumps, pH/Temp./D.O probes, blower, filters, electric valves, HMI)


The GWP®-II is a low-cost photobioreactor suitable for pilot plants and commercial installations.
It can be easily scaled-up from few square meters up to hectares. It’s suitable to fragile microalgae and respect to traditional systems allows higher volumetric productivities and higher biomass quality (lower contamination). Biomass production costs with the GWP®-II are comparable to that of open systems. As for the other GWP® models, the culture chamber can be easily replaced when weathered or damaged. Panels are hydraulically connected and the culture is pump-circulated in order to ensure a more homogenous suspension and a better control of the process. The GWP®-II is PLC controlled and a SCADA software is supplied for data storage, alarms message and remote control.

GWP®-II.24 GWP®-II.50 GWP®-II.100 GWP®-II.250 GWP®-II.1250
Number of panels 2 4 6 14 24
Panel length (m) 12 12 18 18 48
Total volume (L) 800 1,590 3,500 8,300 38,000
Occupied land surface area (m2) 24 50 100 250 1250
Power and electrical requirements 1,75 kW 400 V 50/60 Hz 3 kW 400 V 50/60 Hz 4 kW 400 V 50/60 Hz 7.5 kW 400 V 50/60 Hz -
Reactor material
  • Base: lamellar wood suitable for outdoor installations
  • Containment structure: AISI 304
  • Culture chamber: LDPE film (275 μm); PAR transmittance >90%
Ancillary equipment (skid assembled)
  • Internal or external heat exchanger
  • Air/CO2 sparger
  • Electrical cabinet (PLC+HMI)
  • pH and temperature probes
  • Circulation pump
  • Air blower

Bubble Column Photobioreactor (F&M-BCP)

The F&M-BCP is suitable for inoculum preparation and/or to produce small quantities of biomass for research. The F&M-BCP is made of DURAN® glass tubes and is equipped with systems for bubbling, pH and temperature control.

Number of tubes 2 4
Total volume 14 L (2 x 7 L) 28 L (4 x 7 L)
Dimensions Height: 1.5 m – Outer diameter: 0.1 m
Reactor material
  • Tube and flanges: DURAN® glass
  • Bottom and top lids: PVC
  • Clamps: AISI 316 L
Ancillary equipment skid assembled (pumps, pH/T/D.O probes, blower, filters, electric valves, HMI)

Open Ponds

In collaboration with RECORD (Firenze, Italy) and Microalgae Camporosso (Imperia, Italy) F&M has developed the innovative pond design: F&M-RWP. The main improvement respect to traditional raceway ponds is the reduction of water depth to about 5 cm that allows to reach higher biomass concentrations and higher volumetric productivities with a significant reduction in harvesting, operation costs and possible contamination.
F&M design customized F&M-RWP up to 1500 m2 and commercializes smaller units (5 – 20 m2) for research purpose. Smaller units are provided with paddle wheel, control systems and are ready to be installed at the clients site.